Trailer Talk #2 - 'Jurassic World'

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2015-04-22 Author: Yothe Jurassic World Article
Trailer Talk #2 - 'Jurassic World'



One of the major blockbuster releases this summer will be Jurassic World. Now, we have a new trailer to get us even more excited for the film. The new trailer gives us a better look at the character played by Chris Pratt. The actor was pretty much shot to superstardom after his leading role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks like Jurassic World will be continuing that trend. The actor seems to be delivering a comedic and charismatic performance that will make him a captivating lead.


The new trailer also gives a greater look at the character played by Bryce Dallas Howard. It looks like the opposing personalities of her character and Pratt’s character will make for some entertaining comedic moments. Characters played by Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins seem to be a major part of the film. Meanwhile, we also get our first looks at Vincent D’Onofrio and Omar Sy in the film.


This trailer is a lot more action-packed, focusing on the chaos that ensues once the scientists at the park decide to create a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur, known as Indominus Rex. The trailer heavily focuses on how intelligent this creature is. Indominus Rex definitely looks like a devastating threat. It still remains to be seen whether director Colin Trevorrow is able to capture the magic of the first film. For now, the trailers look very promising with Trevorrow seeming to have been successful at creating a worthy return to the franchise that is both intriguing and exciting.


Jurassic World is set to be released in North America on June 12, 2015.  


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