Trailer Talk - 'The Visit'

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2015-04-25 Author: Yothe The Visit Article
Trailer Talk - 'The Visit'



The Visit is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs). The film stars Kathryn Hahn, Ed Oxenbould, Olivia De Jonge, Peter McRobbie, Deanna Dunagan, and Benjamin Kanes.


Here is the synopsis:


“Shyamalan returns to his roots with the terrifying story of a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents’ remote Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day.”


M. Night Shyamalan has had an interesting journey as a director. He quickly became someone to look out for when he delivered The Sixth Sense. The director followed that up with two great films in Unbreakable and Signs. However, recently you will find it difficult to seek out fans of the director. With films like The Happening, The Last Airbender, and After Earth, Shyamalan has hit a low-point in his career. Unfortunately, most of his films as of late have been complete disasters.


His next film The Visit, proves to be interesting. Firstly, the director seems to be going back to his roots, shying away from a big-budget. The film was shot on an extremely low budget. Secondly, Shyamalan looks to be going to back to crafting an intense horror-thriller. From the trailer, it seems Shyamalan is trying to go back to his creative roots that won over audiences in the first place. Producer Jason Blum has become a household name in the horror genre with his franchises Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and The Purge. Having Blum onboard shows potential of a quality horror film.


There are not any big names in the cast. Kathryn Hahn is mostly known for doing comedy films, so seeing her in a horror-thriller should be refreshing. The kids played by Ed Oxenbould and Olivia De Jonge seem like they have done a good job in the lead roles. Peter McRobbie and Deanna Dunagan seem like they have done an excellent job as the creepy grandparents. Ultimately, this is a trailer that conveys a significantly creepy tone that should interest horror fans. It remains to be seen whether The Visit will prove to be a comeback for director M. Night Shyamalan.


The Visit is set to be released in North America on September 11, 2015.


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