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Friday, 14-Nov-14 15:38:47 EST

Read our review of 'Interstellar' to find out whether Christopher Nolan's latest ranks among his best.

sci-fi adventure
Trailer Talk #4 - 'Interstellar'
Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 10:04:35 EDT

The new trailer for 'Interstellar' will continue to build your excitement for the release of director Christopher Nolan's latest film.

sci-fi adventure
Trailer Talk #3 - 'Interstellar'
Friday, 08-Aug-14 09:10:21 EDT

The new trailer for 'Interstellar' teases some more fantastic imagery and shows that the film has the potential to be a modern sci-fi classic.

Trailer Talk #2 - 'Interstellar'
Saturday, 17-May-14 12:44:54 EDT

The new trailer for 'Interstellar' is awe-inspiring and reveals a few more details on the story.

New 'Interstellar' Trailer to Debut with 'Godzilla'
Wednesday, 07-May-14 10:52:30 EDT

It has been revealed that the second trailer for Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' will debut with screenings of 'Godzilla' slated for release next week.

Matthew McConaughey Talks About 'Interstellar'
Thursday, 20-Feb-14 11:41:46 EST

In a recent interview, Matthew McConaughey talks about his upcoming film 'Interstellar' directed by Christopher Nolan.

Trailer Talk - Interstellar
Saturday, 14-Dec-13 12:03:02 EST

The teaser trailer for director Christopher Nolan's next film has just been released. Read more to see the trailer for 'Interstellar' along with our thoughts on the upcoming film.